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Gong Relaxation Sound Baths

Take yourself on a 'sonic journey' and feel the amazing sense of power, the deep relaxation and rejuvenation that a Gong Relaxation Sound Bath can induce. A Gong Relaxation is the perfect introduction to the power of Sound Healing. These are group sessions held regularly at various venues throughout York, Yorkshire and beyond.

You can read more about Gong Baths further down the page.

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Group Sound Healing Journeys

Use Therapeutic Sound to enhance your health and well-being. Healing sessions are holistic and work on the whole self. Sound Therapies have been found to help people find insights and awareness's in their lives. Sound Healing may also help to alleviate anxiety, stress, depression, inducing a feeling of peace and calm. Some people report an easing of symptoms from illness and medical conditions. Please contact me for more details.

There can be a very powerful energy in the room during a Group Sound Healing Session. Group Therapies are also a more affordable way to participate in Sound Healing.

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1 to 1 Sound Healing Journeys

The 1 to 1 Sound Healing Journey allows us to work with you on a deeper and more personal level. We will use Therapeutic Sound to guide you to a richer understanding of yourself, your health and your well-being.

The 1 to 1 Sessions will be specifically tailored to your requirements and provide an opportunity for your personal transformation.

Transcend blockages that are holding you back in life. Tap in to the power of the universe. Unlock your intuition and inner knowledge. Be authentic and be more you. Re-discover your soul shine !

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Talks, Seminars, Workshops & Retreats

Broaden your knowledge of Sound Healing at one of our regular Talks or Seminars. Get more involved and participate in a Workshop or attend one of the few Retreats I host each year.

We can discuss bespoke sessions to integrate into your larger events. For Charities and Charitable Organisations I can offer anything from a 30 minute talk to a 2 hour taster session. How about an interesting and unusual talk for your local club, group or society. Or maybe you want to round off a Corporate Day or Team Building Exercise with a unique experience for your delegates.

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I feel very privileged and grateful to be doing work that I love. I have met many wonderful people whilst practicing Sound Healing. Click on the button below to take you to our Testimonials Page where you can read some of the marvelous feedback we have received from our clients.

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Qualifications, Important Stuff and FAQ's

Answers to questions that I am asked on a regular basis. Plus Soulshine.Life best practice information.

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Gong Sound Baths

Gong Bath Sessions - Room Layouts.

What is a Gong Sound Bath?



A 'Gong Sound Bath' is a powerful holistic healing therapy. A gong bath session can induce deep restorative, relaxation whilst at the same time be energising and rejuvenating. A gong session can also alleviate anxiety, stress, depression, creating a feeling of peace and calm.

The most popular way to experience a gong sound bath is on a group basis, as seen in the photos above. However, we can also arrange individual sessions if preferred.

You may want to attend a Gong Sound Bath simply to create a bit of 'me time' to deeply relax, as part of an overall holistic healthy lifestyle, or for meditative and spiritual reasons. Whatever the reason, it's a great experience!

The therapy is called a 'sound bath' because the participants are 'bathed' in the sonic vibrations of the gong and other instruments played during the healing session.

The sonic vibrations are sensed by the individual both as aural sounds and as physical vibrations around the body. The gong is a great sensory stimulus.  Different parts of your body will resonate at different frequencies, the gong will provide a 'sonic massage' to your body.

Research has shown that sound can affect our state of mind, our physical bodies, our soul, our spirit and our emotions. Sound can be an all encompassing therapy and healing tool. Research suggests that we even respond to sound vibration at a cellular level in our bodies.


A gong sound bath can induce an 'Altered State of Consciousness' in much the same way that meditation induces this state. Most people find that the use of sound helps them to achieve a meditative state more easily.

This is due to the fact that when our brain hears certain frequencies of sound it will synchronise our brainwaves to those frequencies. We know that when we are relaxed or sleeping our brainwaves slow down and this is one of the key concepts we use to induce a state of deep relaxation.

What happens during a gong sound bath? 

In a group session, participants usually lie on the floor, on a mat and on their back. A pillow and blanket can help to make you more comfortable. Some people may choose to stay seated (just notify me beforehand so that I can make the necessary arrangements).

For an individual session, the participant can lie on the floor, sit in a chair, or lie on a therapy bed.  From this point on the two types of session will proceed in the same way.

A gong sound bath session will usually last around 1 hour with 30-45 minutes of actual performance time, depending on the aims of the therapy session.


Besides the gong, various other instruments will be played during the sessions to provide variation and to stimulate different areas of the brain and body.

We start the sessions off slowly, sometimes with a relaxation exercise at the being, and then gradually build the sound waves up to a crescendo point.  This is the most energising part of the session when the vibrations of the gong sound waves will be rolling over your entire body.  We stay at this level for a few minutes  before allowing the sound waves to gradually soften again.

We incorporate a few minutes of silence at the end of each gong bath which is extremely important to allow your body and mind to come back to rest, before again gradually bringing you back to full consciousness, feeling totally relaxed and rejuvenated!



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How does sound promote health and well-being?

By bringing our minds and bodies to stillness and creating states of deep relaxation; reducing stress, anxiety and tension; inducing a grounding, re-balancing and restorative affect; which have all been shown to improve long term healing. What follows is only a brief introduction into the many different ways sound can aid our well-being.
Scientific research shows that our brain functions in different states depending on how relaxed or alert we are. The brainwaves we use in each of these different states have different frequencies.

When we hear sounds played at these different frequencies, the frequencies of our brainwaves starts to synchronise to those we hear. We can use certain sounds to draw our minds into the more relaxed states of being and thereby promote deep relaxation.

As sound therapists, we can induce 'Altered States of Consciousness' or ASC's which is the same state that meditation induces. A sound bath or sound meditation is a good place to start for those new to, or struggling with, meditation.

Our mind is also influenced by the different tempos and rhythms we hear.

These are reasons why some pieces of music can make you feel relaxed and dreamy, whilst others make you more alert and want to boogie along!

In sound therapy we use the key musical elements of pitch (frequency), intervals, timbre, tempo and rhythm to influence our mind and brain states.

Your Mind

Quantum physics tells us that everything in the universe is energy and is made up of matter that vibrates at it's own frequency (it's resonant frequency). Put simply, sound is the movement of energy.

This applies to the human body as well. Different parts of your body will 'resonate' at different frequencies. You may have heard of the Chakras. The Chakras are models of our nervous systems and energy centres. Each Chakra has it's own resonant frequency (pitch, note) and so we can target specific areas of the body with carefully selected sounds.

It has also been shown that our bodies react to sound even down at a cellular level. With some research suggesting that healthy and unhealthy cells vibrate at different frequencies, that certain sound vibrations can flush toxins from cells in the body providing a cleansing affect.

Sound has been shown to affect our heart rate, our blood pressure, and it can regulate the release of certain hormones in our bodies.

Your Physical Body

Even before we are born, when we are developing in the womb, we hear and react to sound. Our being is constantly surrounded by sound and vibrational energy. Some of this sound energy is audible to humans, some is not.

Sound can open up our internal energy pathways, can touch our soul, open our heart, it can make us feel more connected to the universe, more spiritual. Sound and rhythm can calm or energise our emotions and state of mind.

For thousands of years, religion has used the voice and sound to aid spiritual connection, shaman healers have used sound, rhythm and the voice in their work.

By using enquiry and reflective techniques, sound can be used to promote inner peace and help to release old and unhelpful patterns.

Soul, Spirit & Emotions

It thereby goes that if we can influence our mind, physical body, soul, spirit and emotions by using sound and rhythm, then as a sound therapist we can offer a holistic approach to health and well-being.

Sound therapy and healing can be used to promote an overall sense of well being, for example by attending a regular group sound bath. Or, it may be used to target specific ailments and conditions during a 1 to 1 sound therapy session.

Holistic Health and Well-being is not my business, it's how I live my life.

Soul Shine

An empty shell laid derelict and bare
A long time since any love lived there
The garden was tended, but that was just show
So at first glance, no-one would know
Foundations rocked, insides crumbling
Another knock could send the whole thing tumbling

But from a tiny window I could see
A brighter future awaiting me
So I did not lose hope, I did not despair
For knowing one day I would repair
All the damaged that had been done
To once again bask in the sun

So I clung hard onto this vision
That was to release me from my prison
It has taken time and some contemplation
To complete this inspired restoration
From a battered shell, a transformation grand
As proud and tall I now stand

Want to know about this magic of mine
I re-discovered how to let my soul shine !
© Craig Eddington 2016

Craig Eddington - Founder of Craig Eddington - Founder of

My aims in life are simple: To enjoy my life & be happy. To make meaningful connections with people in all areas of my life. To do work I love and that leaves plenty of spare time to do the other things I love. Music, Travel, The Great Outdoors.

Lifestyle Creation Consultations

My current lifestyle is pretty amazing! I do work that I love and I choose when I do it. I have more free time to focus on me, my music, my love of the outdoors and travelling. And I share all this with an amazing partner!

It's not always been that way, life not so long ago felt very different. In the past I've been caught up in the daily grind, trying to forge a career. There's been the usual ups and downs of personal life and on top of that all the stresses and strains of modern life. But I'm glad to say I have put all that behind me!

A while back I went through a difficult period of time in my life following a few setbacks. At that time to me, it seemed that my whole world was crashing down. I was disillusioned with my life and decided things had to change.

I started off by working through my 'one day' list. You know, that list of things that you promise yourself you are going to do .... one day.

I soon cottoned on to the fact that the more I did the things that made me happy, the better life seemed. The happier I became the more opportunities fell my way, or did I just notice them more?

I started to uncover the things that really mattered to me in my life. The things that i had somehow lost along the way. The things that a routine daily life had tried to bury.

I started to push my comfort zone and chase bigger dreams. I created a vision of my ideal life and I am well on my way to achieving it!

I have studied, researched and re-trained a few times to get where I am today. To cut a long story short, was born as a result of my own evolution and expansion.

I now use what I have learned myself to help others make shifts in the way they live their lives. If you want to make similar changes then get in touch at the bottom of this page. It would be great to hear from you.

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