Finding Your Healing Voice Workshop

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Finding Your Healing Voice

In this workshop you will learn a few very simple techniques for finding and utilising the power of your voice to reduce stress and tension, to release unwanted emotions, behaviours and situations, to bring a sense of peace, balance and harmony in to your life, thereby assisting your healing process.

We will explore the physical benefits of using your voice. How the voice helps to ‘tune up’ your physical, emotional and spiritual self. How it integrates all parts of your being, brings you into alignment and instills a sense of wholeness.

This workshop isn’t about having a great ‘singing voice’. It’s about using your natural voice as a tool for healing.  Everyone has a voice. We take it with us wherever we go. No need to buy any other equipment. So it’s free, very convenient and it’s the most ‘in tune’ you will ever be with any instrument because …. it is you. How great is that !

The Vocal Workshops can be tailored from a 1 hour introductory session, a 2, 3 or 4 hour session or a complete day of vocal immersion.

Healing Voice Workshop Content

The following is a typical list of the content covered in the longer workshops (3 hours and above).

What is Healing
The Voice as our Natural Instrument for Healing
Self Expression, Self Consciousness, Self Judgement
The Role of Intention
The Science and Anatomy of making sounds
The Importance of Breath
Language & how we form words / sounds
Harmony & Rhythm
Subconscious movement / hand gestures
Hearing, Listening & Silence
Singing versus Toning – the physical, emotional, psychological and anatomical differences
Integrating your mind, body, soul & spirit using the voice – Being in Flow
Resonance & experiencing sound in the body
Brainwave entrainment & Brain stimulation
The healing benefits of Toning – immune system, nervous system, resonance, purifying, your bio-chemical loops
Toning the Vowel Sounds
Overtones & Harmonics
Healing Sounds
Vocables – what are they? How can we use them?
Individual & group work
Vocal meditation, Chanting & Prayer
Incorporating Movement.

Group Participation Activities

We will start with vocal warm ups & humming
Our Inherent Musicality
Experiment with Vocal Toning.
You will be guided towards finding your unique natural tone
Voice Accompaniment – drum, bowls, percussion.
Guidance on Overtoning Technique.
Finding your Healing Sounds.
Developing your Soulshine Song.

Or Phone me, Craig on 07804 088663 for a chat.

Sound Stones & Sound Stone Therapy

Sound Stones – Hannes Fessmann

Hannes Fessmann - Sound Stone Sculptor

This week I had the great privilege to meet and chat with Hannes Fessman a Sound Sculpture Artist from Germany.

The meeting was arranged by Steven Halliday, a UK Composer and Sound Designer. Steven had met Hannes whilst working on a project as part of his role as a researcher at Huddersfield University.

Steven had contacted me regarding a workshop to be held at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, which unfortunately I was unable to attend due to being on the final day of a training course. Steven kindly offered to host a private meeting at his home.

Sound Stones – A Brief History

Hannes is continuing work started by his father Professor Klaus Fessmann and sculptor Elmar Daucher, reviving the ancient Asian art of using stone as instruments.

I was already aware of many discoveries of sites and rocks that have been used to make percussive sounds but this was the first time I had heard of stones being used to make tonal sound.

Hannes explains more in this short video:

Sound Stone Therapy

Hannes has many of his Sound Installations in medical and treatment centres in Germany. People can receive a passive treatment by lying on a specially constructed and heated treatment bed, or sitting on a treatment bench and receiving the healing vibrations of the stones directly in to the body.

Sound Stone Treatment Craig and Hannes
Craig experiencing a Sound Stone treatment for the first time.

You can also take part in a more interactive treatment by playing the stones. Using water and a very delicate pressure from your hands, you start to create vibrations in the stone which then starts to sing.

There are many different sizes and shapes of stone and all produce a unique set of tones from low, pulsating, sometimes almost in-audible sounds,  to higher pitched and sometimes hauntingly beautiful sounds.

As with all sound therapies, the different tones will be felt as resonances with different parts of the body and help to bring balance and harmony to mind, body and the energetic fields of the body.

I was able to experience the healing vibrations of one Sound Stone by sitting on one of the specially constructed seats and you can see from the smile that it was an amazing experience! Due to the close contact with the Sound Stone, strong resonances are felt with the body, right to your very core.

Sound Stone Therapy

There are many therapeutic benefits to taking an active part and playing the stone. Resonances are felt within the hands and transferred into different parts of the body. There is something very special about using your hands and natural stone to produce sound. It is very calming, grounding and therapeutic.

Playing a Sound Stone is open to everyone as no musical knowledge is required and the playing technique is simple, taking a few minutes to learn, although like anything else will improve with practice.

Sound Stones and Clinic Practice

Sound Stones have been found to provide benefits in the following situations.

  • Movement disorders of the trunk / shoulders / arms / hands, eg after stroke, paraparesis, Parkinson’s, rheumatism, after injuries / fractures.
  • Pain caused by muscle tension, back pain.
  • Relaxation of the thoracic organs, bronchial secretions in chronic pulmonary diseases.
  • Stress reduction, sensomotor treatment even with dementia.
  • General body experience, mindfulness meditation.

Over 3000 documented cases have been carried out in clinic settings and Hannes is currently negotiating a deal to publish a book documenting their work and the results of the case studies.

Sound Therapy

It was a very enjoyable afternoon, spent discussing everything sound related and sharing Sound Healing knowledge and experiences. I am looking forward to the publication of the book so that I can find out more about this fascinating and pioneering work utilising  and developing ancient wisdoms.

For more information:

Contact Hannes Fessman:

Sound and Altered States of Consciousness

Sound can be a fantastic Holistic Therapy. Sound works on all levels of our being;  body, mind, soul & spirit. There are many benefits associated with Sound Healing and Sound Therapies. Today we are going to look at just one of them: Sound and Altered States of Consciousness.

Sound and Altered States of Consciousness.

Sound & Altered States of Consciousness





We tend to think in terms of being conscious when we are awake and unconscious when we are asleep or not responding to our environment.  But rather than being a polar state of either conscious or unconscious, consciousness is a continual state of being, and we move through different levels of consciousness, naturally, at different times throughout the day.

An Altered State of Consciousness is any state which is significantly different than our normal waking state. Another term for the same state is an Altered State of Awareness.

Because our brain activity is significantly different than our normal waking state we can sometimes gain a different perception of the world, our ideas and thoughts may be different or more creative, we can gain new insights or find new solutions to existing problems. This is one of the reasons why many people meditate or chant mantras and also why sound can be such a powerful holistic healing tool.

Brain Waves & Altered States of Consciousness

Sound and Altered States of Consciousness - Brainwaves

As you can see from the image  our mind and brainwaves are in different states depending on the tasks we are doing.

The majority of our waking hours are spent in Beta mode. But too long spent in this mode and the brain becomes tired; we are unable to concentrate and focus and our mind may start to wander and daydream.

Alpha state is the brains natural resting state. Daydreaming is an Alpha State activity and this is one of the body’s natural mechanisms for bringing our mind back in to balance. Often we feel mental lull’s during the day and take a ‘coffee break’ to keep us going, instead of allowing the body and mind to naturally restore balance.

The threshold between Alpha & Theta state is the place many people who meditate are hoping to achieve.  It is also a brain state associated with imagination and creativity.

This threshold frequency of around 8Hz is also the ‘Schuman Resonance’ which is the frequency that planet earth is said to emit. This may also be another reason we love to get out in nature and walk barefoot on the earth.

Theta state is our ‘light sleep’ state. This is the state in which we dream and the R.E.M (rapid eye movement) state.

Delta state is our ‘deep sleep’ state. If someone is in Delta state then it can be difficult to wake them from sleeping.

Interestingly though, certain sounds can wake us quickly, even from a deep sleep. These tend to be sounds that are an alarm to potential danger. This indicates that even when our brains are in Delta state we can still respond to sound on a deep subconscious level.

Sound Therapy & Altered States of Consciousness

Many of the instruments I use in my Sound Therapy work have wonderful and captivating tones and timbres  which in themselves can be therapeutic to listen to.

The instruments are also chosen for their ability to entrain our brainwaves. When we hear certain tones and frequencies our brainwaves start to ‘match’ those frequencies.

We take advantage of this natural phenomenon to take clients in to an Altered Brainwave State to promote better health and well-being.  As moving between brainwave states is something we do naturally throughout the day, this modality of Sound Therapy is considered to be a safe, low risk therapy. (There are some contra-indications for anyone who has, or has a history of, any mental condition. )

Due to the ‘sonic signature’ of the Gong with it’s multitude of harmonic overtones, and the unique qualities of the other instruments I use, people can quickly and easily enter, and benefit from, spending time in an Altered State of Consciousness without the focus or discipline required for some other forms of holistic activity.

At the end of this article is a link to some research carried out by Alexandre Tannous on the effects that various instruments have on our brainwave state.

Benefits of spending time in an Altered State of Consciousness

It has been found that spending just 10 to 15 minutes in a lower brainwave state can be beneficial for reducing heart rate and blood pressure, maintaining potassium and sodium levels in the brain, helping to repair cells in our body, aiding recovery from stress, anxiety and illness, rebalancing the nervous system, assisting memory recall and imagination, and shifting our brain function towards our more creative right brain hemisphere.

It has been suggested that 30 – 45 minutes is the optimum time to spend in an altered state of consciousness during a Sound Healing or Therapy Session.

Neuro- Plasticity

Sound and Altered States of Consciousness - Rewiring the Brain

Research in Neuro-plasticity has suggested that the brain can re-wire itself, changing form and function, as a result of receiving new sensory stimulus.  This image is a representation of how our brains have re-wired themselves over recent decades due to new sensory stimulus as technologies have advanced.

This could also, in part, account for some of the benefits reported by clients who have taken part in Sound Therapies and Sound Healing Sessions, especially over a longer time frame.

Amongst many other things, these are some of the common benefits reported by participants following a Sound Bath or Sound Therapy Session:

  • Feeling a sense of peace, bliss, joy, unity with the universe, unconditional love.
  • Feeling very profound or feeling a divine or spiritual connection.
  • Having a sense of clarity, an awareness or finding insights into situations.
  • Complete relaxation, losing all usual sense of time, and / or environment.
  • Having original thoughts, feeling more creative and expanded.
  • Physical and  emotional pain softens or disappears completely.  Giving respite from their situation, relief from their symptoms and a new perspective on their situation.
  • A lessening of the severity of problems and life situations.
  • Over time (sometimes very quickly), people notice a changing in their attitudes, habits, behaviours and ‘holding patterns’ and often find it easier to ‘let things go’.


This article is not an exhaustive representation of the topic but offered as a general information guide from which you may like to do your own research.

This is a fascinating area of modern science. Although Sound Healing has been practiced for centuries by many cultures, modern science has only just begun, in recent decades, to understand more about why Sound Therapies are so effective.

With the continuing research in to Sound Healing and Sound Therapies I am certain that Sound is set to become a more widely used complimentary therapy to modern medicine practices.

Click on the link belkow to see the report produced from the research conducted by Alexandre Tannous into the affects of certain instruments on brainwave activity: 

Click on this link:  Research into Sound and the affects on Brainwave State.



Spring Has Arrived!

Well it’s felt thaSpringtime Walk - Soulshine.lifet way this last week or so. The first few days of March have been much warmer and the sun has been out more, both great reasons to celebrate. I am becoming more active again with outdoor pursuits and more regularly venturing out into nature and the countryside once more. I have to admit to becoming more of a fair-weather adventurer these days! It was even warm enough in the afternoon sun to do a spot of sunbathing! (albeit in fleece & jeans).

Lifestyle Guilt.

A few years ago I would have felt so guilty taking time out on a Monday afternoon to go walking, enjoying nature & the sunshine. But this had been one of my goals for some time, to have more freedom to choose how I spend my time, to break out of conventional working patterns and the 9 -5 life, to be able to be more spontaneous when the weather is good.

I had been so deeply conditioned around my work ethic, that even though I knew this was what I wanted and that in the long run it would greatly benefit me, taking time for myself still felt wrong!

Taking Time Out Makes Me More Productive.

Glad to say I have worked past that one now. I have found that the more time I take for myself, the more happy and inspired I become. Ideas often come to me whilst I am ‘not working’ they seemingly just flow in.

Creating space in my life, a sense of calm, ease and joy have all made me more inspired, motivated and determined. So when I am ‘working’ I am more efficient and productive. Most of what I do for a living these days doesn’t even seem like work. Many of my weekdays have the feel of a ‘pottering weekend day’.

I get to take time over preparing and eating great food, to take a break, go for a walk, do some yoga. I practice and study my sound healing & therapies. I put together ideas for workshops and retreats. It’s all very fulfilling and creative.

Preparations For More Adventures.

So next on the list is: Clean out the campervan and carry out repairs and maintenance, repair the puncture on the bike and more maintenance, dig out the walking gear & maps, check over the gear and plan a few trips out. All in preparation for more fun and adventure!

Life is good.

Holistic Healing & the use of Sound.

Sound Healing - Holistic Approach

Holistic Therapies are not about treating individual symptoms, but recognising that our well-being is defined by how we are operating on all levels of our being. Our Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit.

Taking a Holistic approach to our lives is about a lifestyle change, a shift in attitude, looking at everything as a part of our whole self.  And even looking at ourselves as part of the whole, as universal energy.

Holistic Healing is not something that happens overnight, but rather a continual journey. It’s a path that you start to walk down, and the further along the path you go, the more difficult it is to turn back to the old lifestyle.

How far down the path you travel is for you to decide. At what speed you travel is for you to decide.

From my experience, you are more likely to make big changes that stay, by travelling steadily and making small changes each and every day.  Rather than trying to make radical changes in a short space of time, it is better to build a strong foundation and allow the changes to build over time.

Holistic Healing

Holistic health is about having an awareness of our whole self and how different parts of our selves interact. Healing in a holistic sense is about returning us to our complete, whole self. It’s about balance and harmony. It’s about inner peace and joy. It’s about universal consciousness.

 Healing Physical Ailments or Symptoms

There’s growing evidence that our lifestyles impact on our health. If we are stressed, hold tension or anger, for example, that it harms our body. The more time we spend in these states, the more damage will be done. Therefore, we must find ways to deeply relax and ‘let go’ of these tensions.

Your GP must be your first point of call with any illness or physical complaint. But there is often much we can do with our lifestyle to help any recovery or healing. Our diet and exercise regime are two obvious ways.

We can also use natural, holistic, complementary medicines, therapies and regimes to run alongside medical treatments.

Healing Emotional Wounds

Holistic healing recognises that emotional and mental health are important factors in our well-being, and in our recovery time if we fall ill.

Many of us carry emotional wounds from the traumatic or stressful life events we have encountered. If we don’t heal these emotional wounds, then we carry them with us, causing ‘blockages’ in our body that hold tension and restrict the flow of energy.

These emotional wounds can stop us from expressing ourselves, being who we truly want to be and from making the changes in our lives that we seek. Many of these emotional wounds cause us to think and make decisions from a place of fear.

Healing Our Thoughts

At birth, we have our most natural connection with the universe. Our primal survival instincts are strong. We are also at our most vulnerable, relying on others for survival.

We know how to get attention if we are hungry, or unhappy. But other than this we just allow ourselves to ‘be’. We have no concept of time, no pressures. We are naturally happy and joyous. We interact with our environment with amazement and wonder.

Soon we start to ‘learn’ who we are. Those close to us guide and mould us. They teach us how to behave, who we are. In childhood we take on board the attitudes and beliefs of those around us and we unwittingly carry these into our adult lives. Often without questioning whether they serve us well.

Society, our education system and the media also impose their ideas and restrictions on us as individuals and groups.

So healing our thoughts is often a matter of ‘un-learning’ what we ‘know’ about ourselves, and instead replacing this view of ourselves with thoughts and ideas that reflect who we truly are and our true nature.

Healing Our Soul & Spirit

All levels of our being interact, however Soul and Spirit are very closely linked. Soul is inner consciousness, whilst Spirit is energy and the flow of energy.

My interpretation is that Soul is anything to do my inner being, my core and authentic self, my true nature and happiness. Spirit is the outward projection of my Soul, my Souls connection with the outside world, with everyone and everything, and with source (universal) energy.

This is the essence of my business. To help people to re-discover their true self, to connect with it at a deeper level and to project their unique ‘soulshine’ into the world.

To heal our Soul and Spirit we must be true to ourselves, live our lives and make decisions that bring us joy and align with our true nature. Inner Peace & Happiness are they key to healing our Soul & Spirit.

Re-discover your soulshine!

Our Sound Therapy & Workshop events are provided to help with the process of self healing. Where appropriate, we will be incorporating Sound and Therapeutic Techniques to deepen:

  • our process,
  • our insight and awareness,
  • and our self-healing.

The Benefits of Sound Therapy.

Sound is a fantastic holistic therapy, as it works on all levels of your being – mind, body, soul and spirit. The physical sound waves provide a ‘sonic massage’ to your body and subtle energy fields. Whilst the instruments & sounds we use ‘wash’ over the mind helping to induce the ‘Relaxation Response’ and calm our minds.

Just taking the time to deeply relax allows our bodies to recover and rejuvenate. I know from my time working in Sound Therapy that people feel completely chilled after a sound bath session and that the benefits can last for days afterwards. People have also experienced relief from many different types of conditions and symptoms.

Holistic Healing & Sound Therapy










Mindfulness & Soul Shine. A life of Ease, Peace & Joy.

Mindfulness and Soul Shine.

Mindfulness 2017

The New Year is a natural time for reflection, for reviewing and for setting new resolutions. However, we do not need to restrict these activities to just once a year.

A year is a division of time. If we follow a logical path then, each year is a new year, each day is a new day, each hour is a new hour, and each moment is a new moment.

Whilst I too will be using this time to review, reflect and make new plans, I prefer to think of my growth, development, health and well-being as a continual path. Everything can change in a moment. It only takes a moment to make a decision or to change your mind. Life is simply a succession of individual moments.

Therefore, if we enjoy each moment as is it presented to us, then we enjoy life. Pain and frustration occur when ‘reality’ does not match our vision of how life should be.

Happiness could be said to be a process of accepting where you are now, letting go of that which you cannot control, and allowing each moment to present itself. Of being grateful for and enjoying each new moment of your life, not fighting or resisting change and of becoming unstoppable in your pursuit of true happiness. Get into the flow of your life.

It also follows that if we do the things that make us truly happy more often, then we will be happier. Make a list of all the things that bring you joy and make time for them in your life. Use your creative talents more often.

Be truly present and authentically you in every moment. Allow a life of Ease, Peace and Joy.

Re-discover your soul shine!









Sound Therapy – The Missing Piece.

Sound TherapySound Therapy puzzle-654963__340

For a number of years I had been trying to figure out where I was heading from a work perspective. I had a number of ‘big projects’ to keep me occupied at the start of 2016 and so I decided to take some ‘time out’.  That’s when everything started to come together for me.

This Year’s Big Projects

The first few months of the year were taken up with researching and planning a number of big projects for 2016.

These were the ‘Big Rocks’ for this year. The next ‘Mile Stones’ that needed to be put in place to continue onward towards my ‘dream lifestyle’.

‘Campervan Project’. Many months of researching, planning, sourcing a van and materials before converting a 9 seater VW minibus into a ‘pop-top’ VW Camper. Never having done anything like this before it was a steep learning curve but one that I thoroughly enjoyed. I am delighted with the conversion and a little bit surprised that it turned out so well!

Sound Therapy Campervan

With confidence, the right preparations and seeking help when you need it, it’s surprising what you can achieve!

‘India’ was next on the list. Satisfying my need for more travel, adventure and broadening my horizons. Planning a 2 week visit to Bangalore and Mysore taking in the sights and experiencing the culture of an amazing and vibrant country full of paradoxes.

Sound Therapy temple


‘Finding My Purpose’ My transition over recent years from working in financial advice to working as a lifestyle coach specalising in the field of personal finance had taken me part way down my path.  However, I had become aware that this was a ‘transition phase’ and a ‘stepping stone’ on to what came next. What I didn’t know was …. what next? I knew that I wanted to continue ‘coaching’ and ‘helping’ people but wasn’t sure exactly what form this would take.

Sound Therapy Gong At the start of the year I decided to concentrate on the other big projects and allow some ‘space’ for this one to evolve and become apparent.

A few months passed by and an idea was germinating. Another few months and it was taking shape. At the beginning of summer everything came together and fell into place. came into existence.

Finally! This was work that I was excited about to my very core! It ticked all the boxes.


‘Glastonbury Retreat’ This was, strictly speaking, Andrea’s project, but one which I was heavily involved with and Sound Therapy - Glastobury Group Photocommitted to. Moon Tree Yoga based in York, was to hold it’s first 4 day retreat at Shekinashram in Glastonbury. Lots of preparations to get stuck into here!!! Planning had started during 2015 but stepped up a level in early 2016 and continued throughout the year.

Find out more about: Moon Tree Yoga, York  – Click Here


‘British Academy of Sound Therapy Training’ My desire for continual self improvement, evolution and professional development found me searching for the right training provider to help with the next phase of my evolution. In the end, I chose the British Academy of Sound Therapy with their mix of research based teachings, online study modules, practical ‘classroom’ sessions and case study assignments. Having completed the first few modules of training, and a 5 day ‘classroom week’ my studies will be continuing throughout the whole of 2017.

Continuing Studying & Reading

This is a ‘given’ in my life. The need to constantly be moving forward. Learning new skills, taking on knowledge, personal development, new challenges, finding out what makes people and the world tick. Since my mid- teens I have always been working towards something. Always had ambitions or goals I wanted to achieve.

These have changed over time. I have had set backs. Things have not always turned out as I had planned. But I have gone with the changes, adapted my plans and continued to look forward.

This year’s reading list has been very long! Many, many books on sound and its healing properties, on the science behind sound and sound waves, on instruments, playing techniques, composing scores and sequences that bring about relaxation and healing. I have also read many books on self development, philosophy and spirituality.

Sound Therapy - Reading
A small selection of reading material.







Far too many to mention. But here are a few ‘stand out’ books that really resonated with me, confirmed my perceptions of life, and from which I learned lessons and experienced greater understanding.

The World is Sound – Nada Brahma – Joachim-Earnst Berendt   Found in a secondhand bookshop in Glastonbury … where else! This book started to pull together many areas of interest for me: the relationships of music, sound, mathematics, science, nature, the universe and universal consciousness.

Sounding The Mind of God – Lyz Cooper.  Lyz is the founder of the British Academy of Sound Therapy. Reading her book was one of the reasons I chose to study with BAST.

Way Of The Peaceful Warrior – Dan Millman.  This book seemed very familiar!! So much so that I wondered if I had read it before? May be years ago when it first came out in the mid 80’s or sometime since then? May be I started reading it but didn’t ‘understand’ or wasn’t ‘open to’ its teachings at that time. Thoroughly enjoyed it … (this time around?? ha ha)

Getting Past Your Past – Francine Shapiro

Addiction Unplugged – John Flaherty

The last 2 books I read as research for the work that I do and to broaden my understanding and compassion.The first one was recommended to me by a friend who was in therapy at that time; and I was fortunate to meet the author of the second book in person. Both books share valuable life lessons and use real life case study stories. There are lessons for us all in both these books.

So that was 2016 in a nutshell. 2017 is already promising to be an awesome year, with much more to learn in the process. Here’s to a lifetime of learning and evolution! 


Sound Healing – What is it? How can it help?

Sound Healing

Sound Healing is a Holistic Therapy that works on all levels of our being simultaneously. Sound affects our Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit and so is a great modality for helping us to recognise and understand our inherent wholeness and ability to heal ourselves.

There is a growing tendency to look for the underlying causes of illness and disease and to use preventative measures to stop them occurring in the first place, rather than just treating the symptoms with medication when they arise. More and more people are seeking alternatives to pharmaceutical medicine and methods.

Sound Healing can be a great way for you to start a healthy regime or lifestyle. We will look at some of the many benefits towards the end of the article, but for now lets look at the term ‘healing’.

Definition of Healing

From the Oxford English Dictonary:


noun  : the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again    “the gift of healing”
adjective: tending to heal; therapeutic.  “a healing experience”
Synonyms: alleviate, assuage, palliate, relieve, ameliorate, ease, help, soften, lessen, mitigate, attenuate, allay, salve  “time will eventually heal the pain of grief”
 I particularly like this definition because it uses the word ‘sound’. We use musical terms a great deal when talking about our health – In tune, In harmony. We talk about other people being on our wavelength. Something rings a bell.

Sound Healing

Obviously, Sound Healing is not a substitute for professional medical care and when you are experiencing acute or chronic symptoms you should seek professional medical advice from your GP.

However, many people have experienced relief and improvement in symptoms by using Sound and Sound Waves on a regular basis.

Health and Lifestyle

It has long been understood that to be in very good health we need to lead a healthy lifestyle. So rather than going on a crash diet once in a while, or starting a new healthy exercise regime only to give it up a short while later, a more balanced and considered approach is needed.

Modern life takes it’s toll. The fast pace of a modern lifestyle with all it’s demands on our time, it’s stresses and frustrations, the materialistic world and the images sold to us by the media about what a great life we should all be aiming to achieve,  the convenience , processed and fast foods etc etc. You get the idea. Despite all the advances in technology, medical science and the availability of information, most of us could still improve our lifestyles in one way or another . So if you want to change your lifestyle, where do you start?

Where to start

Have you noticed that when you are feeling good about life, positive about the future and everything is going well, that it’s easier to make good choices?

Similarly, when life seems difficult, when you are upset, unhappy, angry, frustrated, stressed, worried, anxious, depressed, that you tend to make worse choices?

So what you need to do is reduce all the negative aspects of your life and start to make choices that make you feel better about yourself and your life.

Foundations and Choices

If anything you do is to be a success, it has to start from the right place and be on a solid foundation. You then need to make the right choices to keep yourself on track.

Being healthy is a lifestyle choice, not just a fad you do for a few months every year. But there are a few simple and small steps you can take to make sure you are starting from the right place. Then it is simply a matter of keeping on making the right choices and making small changes over time.

You are much more likely to succeed by taking small steps over a longer period of time and accepting that you will not always see results overnight.

Sound Healing - Grounded

Many aspects to a healthy lifestyle.

So in my opinion, the foundation of a healthy lifestyle is all about Relaxation, Grounding, Your Mindset and the Great Outdoors. Once we have the foundations sorted, we can start to make changes to the other core elements such as exercise, healthy eating, creativity etc

It’s important to find the time to relax and restore yourself. This is not just chilling out on the sofa of an evening, but Deep, Restorative, Relaxation.

To feel ‘Grounded‘ – meaning that you feel centred and balanced in your life, and are at peace with yourself, no matter what is going on around you.

Your Mindset – as in there are no quick fixes to good health. It’s about taking a long term view, making small changes that over time will reap big rewards, being patient and allowing everything to unfold.

Stress is believed to be a major contributor to illness and disease, so creating a lifestyle of calm, ease and joy is a great way to help you stay healthy.

The Great Outdoors – getting more in tune with yourself and nature, universal intelligence and the cycles of life and creation.

Sound Healing & Sound Therapies

One of the main benefits of Sound Healing & Therapies is their ability to help you feel deeply relaxed, totally at ease , whilst providing a sense of inner peace.  This is a great place to start and a good foundation to build on when creating your healthy lifestyle.

Sound Therapies can also help to make you aware of, explore and transcend any blockages that you may be experiencing in your life. Blockages could be physical ailments, feelings, emotions, self limiting beliefs or behaviours, bad habits or cycles, anything that is self defeating.

Sound Healing - gongs & bowls

Instruments and their benefits

Individual instruments and combinations of instruments are chosen according to the aims of a particular session.  The instruments chosen, how we play them and the different sequences we use all have different effects on our being.

Sound affects all levels of our being at the same time; mind, body, soul and spirit. You can read more about this on the home page:

Sound Healing - Holistic Approach

Sound Healing & Sound Therapies

Unlike the medical professions, sound healing is not about treating individual or specific symptoms, ailments or conditions. We take a holistic approach to our health and well-being, acknowledging that all levels of our being contribute to our overall health.

Sound Healing is about encouraging our own inbuilt ability to heal ourselves. Whether that is physically, emotionally, spiritually or mentally. Calling on universal intelligence and the power of universal creation to guide us on our path to greater health.

Using the energies of sound and sound waves we can encourage healing to take place. The sound waves help to calm our mind and slow down our brainwave frequencies. Taking us into Deep, Restorative, Relaxation.

The sound waves are also felt on our body. These sound waves permeate our bodies and vibrate our internal cells, organs, bones, muscles and other structures that make up our physical being. Bringing them back into balance and into harmony. Providing a ‘sonic massage’ to our being.

The sound waves also affect our subtle energy systems and help to remove blockages and increase flow. They have been found to ease the effects of stress and tension, to soften and remove blockages and to promote an overall sense of well-being.

Sound Healing – Summary

Using sound to promote health and well-being can be a powerful and energising experience. Our hearing is the first of our senses to develop and the last to leave us when we die. Sound is hardwired to affect us on a deep level. This goes back to primeval times when sound and our hearing where an essential aid to survival.

For centuries, many cultures have used sound as a healing tool to promote health and well-being. More recent scientific research is backing up much of this  ancient wisdom and Sound Healing is growing in popularity as a result.

If Sound Healing is appealing to you, then a Sound Relaxation Session is a good place to start. Try it out and see what benefits you experience. We can then have a chat and you could start to ‘work on’ your individual healing within other Sound Sessions and Workshops.



Relaxation V’s Therapeutic Sound Bath


What’s the difference? and what to expect.

There are basically 2 different types of Sound Sessions that I host. Relaxation and Therapeutic. There is a little bit of an overlap but I will address this as we move through this article.

Relaxation Sound Session

Quite simply, the aim of a relaxation session is to relax. No surprises there then!

I play any instruments subtly and use techniques to induce the lower frequency brainwave states associated with deep relaxation. Many people attending a Sound Bath will achieve an Altered State of Consciousness similar to that achieved via Meditation.

The use of sound can help those who have a lot of ‘mind chatter’ to achieve this state more readily than using meditation techniques alone.

Relaxation Sound Bath

Not all sounds used in a relaxation session are harmonious. We sometimes use a little tension and release technique, similar to using petrissage in massage, which can heighten relaxation. However, in a relaxation session we keep any tension to a minimum, and so these techniques will be used sparingly.

Each Sound Therapist will work in a slightly different way. My relaxation sessions can last anything from 30 minutes up to an hour, with around 40-45 minutes being the norm.

Therapeutic Sound Session

It is true that there are therapeutic benefits to be had by achieving states of deep relaxation. Much has been written about the role of stress and tension on the body’s immune system. So just by simply relaxing we are giving our bodies downtime to repair and restore. However, for the purposes of this analysis, we are treating this as a great additional by-product of a relaxation session.

The difference between the two types of sessions come down to our intentions, focus and awareness during the sound bath.

In a Therapeutic Sound Bath, the participants bring to mind something that they wish to ‘work on’ during the session. It is often something they see as a blockage, or something that is restricting their lives.

Participants DO NOT need to share their thoughts with the rest of the group, or even with myself, unless of course they wish to do so. Some people find that sharing their experience helps them a great deal, others wish to keep their experience personal and private.

Note: I am always available to have a confidential, one to one chat with participants after these sessions if they wish to discuss their experience in private.

Gong Sound Bath

Participants may choose to bring to mind a physical ailment, an emotion or feeling they have, self- limiting thoughts or behaviours, or something that is going on in their life that they wish to find more clarity on.

Our Spiritual Health is also very important. We often find it easier to feel compassion for other people than we do for ourselves. In sessions we regularly focus on developing more compassion for ourselves by learning to witness ourselves through loving eyes. This also helps to promote confidence and self- esteem.

It has been observed that sound is a great mover of energy. Think of how sound and music affects you emotionally. Added to that, the physical effects of the sound waves can be felt in and around the body. As the name of the therapy suggests, we are ‘bathed in sound’ with our bodies receiving a ‘sonic massage’ from the soundwaves.

A Therapeutic Sound Bath Session will typically last 1 ½ to 2 hours. The time spent immersed in sound is roughly the same as for a relaxation session 40-45 minutes, with the extra time being made up of discovery and self-reflection discussions.

I use more discordant sounds and tension within a Therapeutic Session as this can be a good catalyst to start the body’s energy flowing. I also run Therapeutic Workshops where I will select a theme or intent for that day’s focus.


What happens in terms of the sound ‘performance’ is very similar in both types of Sound Bath Sessions. It is therefore our focus, intention and observations that make the difference. By being more consciously aware of our experience it is possible to bring about healing on a deeper level.


Now, I stated at the beginning of the article that there is an overlap between the 2 types of sessions, and it is this:

Sound is such a powerful tool to use, and we all experience sound differently. We cannot anticipate how we will react to a sound bath session. Someone who comes to a relaxation session may find that energies start to flow and that the sound brings something to the surface that they were not expecting.

Before starting any Sound Bath, I will give guidelines on what to do if you start to feel that you are moving in to unchartered territory, or if any aspect of the experience is becoming uncomfortable.

This rarely happens however, and when it does there is often a learning or self-awareness experience for the participant. As previously noted, I am available to have a confidential, one to one chat with participants after these sessions if they wish to discuss their experience in private.

Sometimes the opposite can be true. A person may come to a Therapeutic Session and feel that ‘nothing happened’. It could just be that nothing did actually happen for that person at that time. Something about that person’s being or state of mind may have left them unreceptive to the sound session at that particular time.

Or another scenario may be that nothing seemed to happen during the session, but sometime later, maybe hours or days, a shift or awareness may become apparent.

It should also be noted that taking part in a sound bath can have a detoxing effect on the body. It is not really understood why this may be, but it does seem to be the case. There are various theories, the most likely being that toxins are flushed from our cells by certain frequency vibrations of the soundwaves. We therefore recommend that you up your intake of water slightly for a day or so, following a sound bath.


Without exception, I get such a positive response from people who take part in the sound bath sessions. The more I work with sound, the more I am amazed by the benefits people experience.

To recap:

  • The sound waves work on the mind to slow our brainwave frequencies down to levels that bring about deep relaxation;
  • The effects of the sound waves provide a ‘sonic massage’ to the physical body;
  • The combined effects of the sound waves on body and mind can help energy to flow through the energy centres of the body and help to release any blockages or holding patterns we may be experiencing;
  • Sound can also help us to find a more spiritual connection to the universe and source energy.

This is what makes sound such a fantastic Holistic Therapy. It works simultaneously on all levels of our being. Sound Bath Sessions



I keep sound bath sessions informal, light hearted, fun and open to everyone. There are very few barriers to taking part in a sound bath.

It’s a real pleasure for me to host these events. There is something special about the combined energies of people coming together to share the experience of a sound bath.

I particularly enjoy the ambience in the room following a sound bath as we all chat about the experience. There is a distinct air of calm and tranquillity.

There are various types of sound baths, with each event using different instruments and techniques. For me personally, the Gong plays such an important role in any Sound Bath that I would recommend attending a Sound Bath that uses the Gong.

At events we tend to use Himalayan Singing Bowls, The Gong, Crystal Singing Bowls and various other Percussion instruments to ensure there are smooth transitions between the different elements of the sound bath performance and that we maximise the benefits felt by participants.

The majority of people start by trying a Relaxation Sound Bath, then move to attending regular Relaxation Sessions. Once they have attended a few sessions and experienced the benefits they will often try a Therapeutic Session.

Everyone is different, however, and it may be that someone who has something they wish to address may decide to go straight into a Therapeutic Sound Bath Session. 

If you have any questions, comments or feedback following on from this article, then please get in touch. It would be great to hear from you!

Gong Sound Bath - Dream Time

Gong Sound Bath – what do I need to bring ?

Sound Bath - What to Bring?

Today’s blog answers a question people ask regularly

What do I need to bring to a Gong Sound Bath?

From a practical point of view: 

A few items may help you to feel more comfortable and relaxed:

  • A yoga mat or something similar to lie on – could be a blanket.
  • A blanket to cover up with – apart from additional warmth, there can also be a therapeutic benefit to snuggling under a blanket!
  • A pillow for your head – or rolled up jumper / blanket etc.
  • A cushion, bolster or rolled up blanket to put under your knees if you have back problems.
    • PS – Just realised how versatile a good blanket can be ! Ha Ha
  • A bottle of water to sip – sound baths, as with most other subtle energy treatments, seem to have a detoxing affect on the body and so it is a good idea to up your intake of water slightly for a day or so following a sound bath.

We do carry a number of extra mats and blankets to our Sound Events – so if you don’t have your own equipment you should be able to borrow a mat and blanket at least. Please try to let us know in advance if you wish to borrow equipment.

Note: If you would prefer to stay seated during a Sound Bath please contact us in advance and we will try our very best to accommodate this. 

From a personal point of view:

We aim to make our Gong Sound Baths a positive, lighthearted and enjoyable social event. A place where like minded people can come and chat and over time, get to know one another. So most importantly, bring a smile!

If there is anything else you want to know that I haven’t covered, please message me via the website or email

Hope to meet you in person at a Gong Sound Bath one day. 

With Love & Friendship