Gong Sound Bath – what do I need to bring ?

Sound Bath - What to Bring?

Today’s blog answers a question people ask regularly

What do I need to bring to a Gong Sound Bath?

From a practical point of view: 

A few items may help you to feel more comfortable and relaxed:

  • A yoga mat or something similar to lie on – could be a blanket.
  • A blanket to cover up with – apart from additional warmth, there can also be a therapeutic benefit to snuggling under a blanket!
  • A pillow for your head – or rolled up jumper / blanket etc.
  • A cushion, bolster or rolled up blanket to put under your knees if you have back problems.
    • PS – Just realised how versatile a good blanket can be ! Ha Ha
  • A bottle of water to sip – sound baths, as with most other subtle energy treatments, seem to have a detoxing affect on the body and so it is a good idea to up your intake of water slightly for a day or so following a sound bath.

We do carry a number of extra mats and blankets to our Sound Events – so if you don’t have your own equipment you should be able to borrow a mat and blanket at least. Please try to let us know in advance if you wish to borrow equipment.

Note: If you would prefer to stay seated during a Sound Bath please contact us in advance and we will try our very best to accommodate this. 

From a personal point of view:

We aim to make our Gong Sound Baths a positive, lighthearted and enjoyable social event. A place where like minded people can come and chat and over time, get to know one another. So most importantly, bring a smile!

If there is anything else you want to know that I haven’t covered, please message me via the website or email craig@soulshine.life

Hope to meet you in person at a Gong Sound Bath one day. 

With Love & Friendship




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