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Sound Healing Workshop

Whether you are curious and want to find out a bit more about Sound Healing and Sound Therapies, or maybe you have experienced a Sound Healing Session and what to know more of the science behind it, perhaps you want to get hands on and try out a few instruments, or maybe you want to take a more pro-active approach to your healing process.  Wherever you are at, we have a Sound Session just perfect for you.


If  you are intrigued or curious about Sound Healing then attend one of Soulshine.Life’s Introductory Talks or Taster Sessions. For a small fee to cover costs, I can arrange a visit to your club, society or group and offer a talk lasting from 30 minutes up to 1 hour.

I also work with Charities offering free talks and taster sessions to patients, families, care givers and staff.  These sessions range from a 30 minute introductory chat up to a full 2 hour taster session.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of arranging a talk or taster session, please call Craig on 07804 088663. Attending a Gong Relaxation Sound Bath is a great introduction to Sound Healing and I am always available to chat before and after these sessions.


Before training as a Sound Therapist, I worked as a Lifestyle Coach. I have developed a number of workshops which are a unique blend of Sound Healing, Sound Therapy and Lifestyle Coaching.

Workshops range from short 1 hour sessions on specific themes and topics up to a full day of activities lasting 5 or 6 hours.

With the addition of Therapeutic Sound you will find that you are able to make progress more quickly, gaining insights in to and letting go of patterns and behaviours that have held you back in life.

You will gain a richer understanding of yourself, your health and your well-being.

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A selection of Workshop Titles.

An Introduction to Sound Healing & Sound Therapies – Discover some of the science behind Sound Healing & Sound Therapies. How and why different instruments, sounds and combinations of sounds affect our mind, body and emotions. Explore some of the techniques and methods used and find out which work for you. These sessions are for self awareness and personal discovery purposes and are not intended as a training session.

Healing and Transcending Blockages  – A series of workshops developed to aid your healing process. Many of us carry emotional wounds and unhelpful thoughts from the stressful life events we have encountered. If you do not heal these wounds then you will carry them with you causing ‘blockages’ that hold tension and restrict the flow of life force energy. If you carry these blockages for long enough they will affect your soul and spirit.

Open up your Creativity – Express yourself in creative ways and watch your happiness, confidence and well-being blossom. A workshop designed to help you tap in to your creative self.

Allow Abundance To Flow – Many people see money as ‘a problem’ or ‘an obstacle’ in their lives. Working together we can banish those ideas for good. Discover how abundance is an attitude and is about more than just money!

Create a Life of Ease, Peace, Calm and Joy – Find out how to create a slower pace of life. A life that is peaceful and calm, and comes with ease. A life full of happiness and joy.

Drum Workshops – Drum Circles, Intuitive / Shamanic Drumming,  Djembe & African Drumming, Darbuka & Arabic Drumming.

Vocal Workshops – Learn how to tone vowel sounds.

Soundscapes – Soundscapes are an opportunity for you to get your hands on the instruments and express yourself via the medium of sound. Many people find this idea challenging and a little scary at first but it is well worth trying out a soundscape session. Participants are often very surprised at how powerful these group sessions can be in terms of personal healing, developing a strong group bond and connection.

As well as being a stand alone session. I incorporate soundscapes in to many of the longer workshop sessions.


Seminars are more of a classroom style learning environment. Intended for people who wish to learn more about the science , techniques and methods of Sound Healing and Sound Therapy.

The seminars are not training programs and are designed so that you can make informed decisions about your healing process and maybe even carry out self treatments.


A Gong Relaxation Sound Bath is a unique experience and a great way to offer something different to your delegates if you are hosting a Corporate Event or Team building exercise.

Please contact Craig on 07804 088663 to discuss your requirements.