I feel very privileged and grateful to be doing work that I love. I have met many wonderful people whilst practicing Sound Healing. Feedback such as you will read below keeps me inspired and motivated to improve and do more. Thank You all for your kind words.

Gong Relaxation Sound Baths

“Had my first venture into the world of gong baths yesterday. It was an amazing experience and left me feeling completely relaxed. Craig is lovely, very approachable and kind, I will definitely be going again.”

Lovely experience. About the 3rd time I have been to Craig’s gong bath events and love it. Each time I get more from it and relax quicker. Yesterday’s session I felt more relaxed than ever and feel amazing. Such a fab experience. Can’t wait for the next one!”

“I attended the sound bath in York on 21 April, and absolutely loved it! Hoping you hold another one here soon so I can come again!”

“Having done group relaxation as well as one to one sound therapy treatments with Craig, I could happily rate this stuff 10 stars! Always absolutely spot on.”

“Wow another amazing sound bath experience, I would highly recommend it, thank you Craig”

“I invited Craig to run a Gong Relaxation at my Independent Yoga Studio in Howden (Step Up Studio) and wow! What a fantastic experience. Great feedback from everyone who came along and an invitation to come back soon”

“Captivating sounds, thank you for bringing this experience to us.”

“Eyup. I’ll say it again. That sesh was very special. I have kundalini rise sat up. Stood up. Never laid down. That was beautiful. Full white out. Thank you. See you soon.”

“Totally amazing…  have never experienced so many different sounds and sensations. Looking forward to the next session. Thank you Craig”

“I experienced waves of vibration. Very relaxing but also stimulating”

“I was unsure what to expect at the gong relaxation, but it was a fabulous experience! I had the most amazing nights sleep and woke up feeling totally refreshed and full of energy – thank you so much!”

“Loved today’s sound bath, thank you. What a treat, the vibrations gave me goosebumps at one point. I see a very chilled out evening ahead. Very grateful  “

“stilled my mind”

“Surpassed my expectations. Found the experience very calming and relaxing but also energising”

“I found the space to receive guidance on a question I asked the universe today”

“At the beginning I felt a bit frustrated but ended up feeling as if I had surfaced from a deep sleep”

“Good advice to ground yourself before leaving, I think I floated home. I also had the best nights sleep I have had in a long while. Definitely worth experiencing again.”


“This truly is an amazing experience. I’ve been to two sessions now, both different & equally wonderful. My muscles that are ALWAYS tense relax & I have profound emotional release afterwards, shedding stored/stuck emotion. You feel all floaty afterwards. It’s truly unique & is an experience not to miss!!!”


“I just wanted to write and say I had the most amazing restful and deep sleep last night and I know it was down to the gong sound bath. I know I was a bit ‘woozy’ afterwards but I can say without doubt I feel great today.”



1 to 1 Sound Healing Sessions


“Hugely relaxing and completely dissolved my issue”
“The Sound Therapy with Craig has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. I feel profoundly moved and the healing and new knowledge I have gained will stay with me forever”


“I feel I learned different things about myself during each session and each session seemed to have a different impact on me.”

 “Hi Craig, main effects since Monday, a lot freer in my body, I feel like a dancer, and I’m losing my desire for cake and coffee. I love it!”


“Helped reduce pain. I am more relaxed and focused”
“Sound Therapy has enabled me to reach a deep sense of relaxation. So much so that I have made it part of my regular self care regime”
“I would recommend anyone to embark on some Sound Therapy with Craig”


” I no longer feel the unwanted emotions linked to my past”
“I’ve been suffering the effects of chronic fatigue for coming up 4 years now. I’m writing this testimonial about 6 weeks after my last one to one and I’m still noticing the difference in my energy levels. So the difference I noticed was on all levels. Physically as well as emotionally and some great insights during the sound therapy from a spiritual level. Craig was great. He held space and guided me through the session perfectly. A good balance of talk on his part and mostly listening. Thank you Craig. It has been such a valuable experience and a great stepping stone to my healing.”


“I found the Sound Therapy a great way to learn more about myself but also an excellent way to let my whole body relax and let go. Always feel uplifted after each session”


“Craig has a really good manner. Open and Friendly”


“Gained many insights into my behaviour patterns and why I feel / act in certain ways”


“made me more proactive, decisive and helped me to move past some barriers, especially in terms of the guilt I put on myself”


” I feel like I have been able to release a lot of emotions I have held on to over a period of 20 years”


“an increase in my energy levels”


“Craig provides a warm, welcoming, non-judgemental, safe space to explore all issues then creates a unique, magical, healing experience which has given me insight and healing on all levels – soul, emotional, physical and intellectual. “


” I really enjoyed my sessions. I feel like this type of therapy takes you to a deep level of releasing and relaxation but also gives you upliftment”


“The sessions have made a massive difference to my life and will definitely make a difference to my future and the way I deal with things”


“I feel more tuned in to my body and observe how it feels more”


“I feel the Sound Therapy has helped me to heal on a physical, spiritual and emotional level”


“I find Craig’s peaceful and calming manner very comforting and reassuring. His nature allows you to feel secure during the treatment”


“it has given me poise and energy”


“Sound Therapy has opened up a world of peace and tranquility to me, allowing me to feel secure within myself”


“Lots of shifts, energetically as well as emotionally and spiritually”


“Craig is a lovely person. His sensitivity and skill at playing his instruments leaves you feeling transported, inspired and refreshed”


“I was surprised at how wonderful the treatment sessions were and how they helped with my on-going pain”


“deep relaxation was so beneficial, a great feeling of well-being afterwards”


“I gained a knowledge of how to control fears and anxieties”


“I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions. Craig was excellent, explained everything thoroughly and the reasons behind the methods he used”


“I have found renewed energy, feel calmer and have had a shift in perspective with regard to my issue”


“I have found the sessions positive and empowering”


“Super facilitation of the sessions. Craig is sensitive and caring. The questions and treatments were very impactful”


“Hey Craig, thought you might find this interesting, I’ve been monitoring my blood pressure for the last 9 days as my medication can increase blood pressure , especially diastolic pressure. Since my sound therapy my blood pressure has been consistently at its lowest”





 “Really enjoyed it – very intense feelings during, but feeling ultra relaxed afterwards”


” I have a better understanding of how sound can affect feelings, emotions and the physical body”


“Crystallised the notion that I can be separated from my thoughts and drama! I can work positively with what I have learned moving forward … Thank You”


“Craig has a good way of instructing and guiding us”


“Surprising how much rhythm is in everyday life and how we can use it to help us”


“It was a great experience and I feel more connected”

“Found myself laughing hilariously in a couple of situations this evening when I would normally have got a bit angry and resentful – think the sound workshop has played its part!”


“Fantastic. Really liberating and inspiring”


“Excellent session! It was really helpful to think about the link between thoughts and physical feelings / sensations”


“Loved the rhythm work, the freedom of expression, the feeling of belonging and connection with others”


“I was reminded of the importance of having fun”


“Craig is a great facilitator, makes you feel safe and validates your experience. It allowed me to address an issue that has been holding me back in life”


“It was amazing to feel the vibrations resonating through my joints”


” I was working on something very traumatic but felt secure”


“I have a lot more rhythm than I expected. I found the session very hypnotic”


“has given me some ideas to take away and work on on my own. I wasn’t expecting this”


“I just loved the freedom to let go and get out of my head”


” I found using sound to express my feelings and ideas very liberating”

“I have to say I was truly heart warmed and pleasantly surprised by the event”

“I gained an awareness of the change of energy in different tasks and times of the day”


“insights into how rhythm can affect the body – very interesting”


” I felt great joy”


“Sound can represent ideas and narratives much more than I realised.  A beautiful session. Very relaxing”